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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Please quantify what you think is '"Holocaust enough" for Jewish purposes'.
If one person said "boo" to a jew, that would be enough. He's cutting and running. He wants no part of it. His words are a bare and ridiculous attempt to cover his self-interested political cowardice.

Your being 'serenely indifferent no matter what our people have done in the past' idea sounds a little like you're suggesting a psychopathic attitude. Guilt is good if it stems from real crimes. But creating endless guilt based on gigantic lies broadcast everyday of our lives by jewish media propaganda is criminal abuse. And this is what you are condoning (by 'stepping over'), the continuing abuse by jewish media of Whites through jewish 'Holocaust' lies. Whites have a guilty conscience because they are being told non-stop, cradle to grave, by jewish media that Whites are evil.
Yeah, but when your only real-world contact with politics is hosting salons for your fellow fruits and friends of fruits, you don't need to worry about that. You never deal with any enemies, so what they think doesn't matter. You just keep on with your heroic works saving the white race (why would a childless man given to homosexual behavior care about his race) by writing essays about obscure fascist philosophers and 5,000-word Batman reviews. If anyone shows up to mock or just question you at your own website, don't allow the comment. This is how we achieve victory.