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I do believe we are screwing things up,and causing global warming.

Why? We have 6 billion people on this planet,and everybody has to take a shit somewhere,and with the exponential breeding of these mud people,and the global population doubling every 23 years,the numbers are staggering.

Take this number and double it every 23 years(23 years is supposedly a generation).

The planet can only take so much.

Now,who is doing all the breeding? Muds,the people that contribute the least to technology,and society,so these are the idiots to blame.

They are not only destroying us,but they are destroying the earth,as well,and they are completely oblivious to this,but those are the facts.

The planet cannot support this unbelievable rise in population,somethings gotta give.
Niggers aren't human. Humans don't behave that way.

God Bless Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and America, and God Damn the anti-white, anti-christian, and anti-American jewish controlled media.