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1. Natural global cooling:
All it takes is a small Volcano to go off and the resultant Global Cooling is noticeable:
When Mount Pinatubo and MountSt Helens erupted, in both years after they had separately spewed enough ash and suspended fine particulates into the stratosphere, global cooling impacts were observed. Stratospheric ash reflects sunlight causing a worldwide cooling. The solution? trigger Volcanic activity..

2. Global cooling from SOx
Until Do Gooders and 'Friends of the Earth' ncouraged the use of low-Sulfur fuels, the SOx emissions from high-Sulfur combustio had a beneficuial impact of causing Global Cooling. SOx droplets reaching the upper atmosphere also reflect thesun's rays - causing global cooling. The solution? - create a beneficial anthropogenic impact and burn more Sulphur and/or mothball the Claus and SuperClaus Sulphur Recovery Units at moderb refineries.

3. Greenhouse gases.
The major greenhouse gas CO2 is being sequestrated by monodiethanolamine for injecting subsurface. The solution to global warming , sequestrate and inject?

4.Global cooling from 'Nuclear Winter'?.
Pray for a start to WW3 and watch as the temperature falls as global cooling occurs from the dusts thrown up into the troposhere from mushroom clouds. Nuke a few countries and enjoy the cool weather that will arise in the months and years? afterwards?

The options assume that global temperature fluctuation is a permanent state, and the geologic record shows that temperatures have always risen and fallen. Whether a warmperiod lasts for a decade?, thousand years? or longer? - there is no point worrying about it all becaue a global cooling event , whether manmade or not is guaranteed to occur in between times.