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Stewart Meadows

As a gay dad, I am living my Iranian father’s American — and Jewish — dream

JUNE 17, 2021

(JTA) — It’s June. For me, a lot happens this month. Father’s Day is coming up — my fifth as a father of twin boys. It’s Pride Month, and as a gay Jewish man, married with children, that means something. It’s also my father’s 41st yahrtzeit, the anniversary of his passing.
My boys are fluent in English and Hebrew, and spend their days with other little Jewish boys and girls in a school that embraces them and their two dads and recognizes the fire that burns within us for our people and our people’s future.

So it would seem that all of this is possible. I can be a gay man, a husband, a loving father, a loyal son, a devoted Jew and lover of Israel. I can live my own dream – and my father’s.