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Originally Posted by NotFunny View Post
These stores don't have anything reasonably priced anymore yet they are still in business.

For what they make off all these super over priced drugs they could afford to just give all the shit in the store away free but no, they are price gouging us on everything.

they charge $1.40 now for a fucking tiny 1/3 sized candybar and everything else is inflated at same rate.

this is the trend, they import this slave made goods til all the competition is gone and people think things are wonderful til everything's a jew monopoly and THEN they start the end game of making you pay $5 for something that cost them ten cents to make in china
They are indeed one of the biggest retail rip-off stores out there. Even Walmart isn't the bargain they lie that they are; for example, their food prices are beaten all to hell by Aldi & Dollar Tree (although the selection is not as broad).
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