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Default Vincent Reynouard: Rejection of our QPC - The underlying reasons of a legal defeat

Rejection of our QPC - The underlying reasons of a legal defeat

In this video, I firstly analyze the decision of the Constitutional Council, which rejected the QPC against the Gayssot Act. I show that by a clever reversal of perspective, the Council of Sages eluded the main argument presented by the lawyer Mr. Paris: the inequality (victims) before the law. I would add that the Sages then resumed the worthless argument of Robert Badinter who falsely invokes "the authority of res judicata" (Nuremberg).

Then they came with the eternal Joker that can justify all the prohibitions: anti-Semitism.

I reject this argument which consists in invoking the alleged anti-Semitism of the revisionists, so the supposed necessity of silencing them. In another part, I explain that, ultimately, the Sages have bowed before the dogma of the existence of "gas chambers"; a dogma proclaimed in February 1979 and made mandatory in July 1990. narrating personal anecdote, I then explain why the great mass adheres to the Holocaust dogma. The consequence is obvious: anti-revisionist repression is worsening because, ultimately, the people is the accomplice, actively or passively.