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If the court grants the custody request, the county may put the donkey up for adoption. Doodle appears to be in good health, McClain said, and there are ‘no outward signs of any physical abuse.’
I'm outraged at McClain's appalling insensitivity. What about the inward signs no one can see? The deep scars on Doodle's soul that will never - never! - heal?

She has been RAPED, bitch - by Romero and again by your callousness!

All kidding aside now, folks: this really is a chilling cautionary tale about the abuse of power by a sexually fascist society. Two consenting adults were making love in the privacy of their barn when their moment of quiet tenderness was shattered by that goddamn perv Gerald James - and the jackbooted thugs arrested THEM!

Carlos & Doodle have a good thing going. Yeah - you all heard me. I know it doesn't fit this society's repressed, white-bread attitudes toward interspecies relationships: get over it. Love is LOVE - and if these two kids have found it, well, I say "God bless 'em!"
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