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Garrick Fenstad
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South Africa is fucked. Lefty Whitey voted to turn over power to the Boss Nig and Righty Whitey was too chicken to rise up in arms and put the nig where he belonged - in the ground six feet under. And FW deKlerk! What a piece of shit he was! He dumped his wife Marike deKlerk for another bitch. Marike then went to live in a nice apartment for the wealthy with high security. Even so she got her white ass raped, stabbed, and strangled by a - you guessed it! - a nigger! And not just any nigger, but a Security Nigger hired to "protect" all the rich white bitches living there. I mean, she was strangled so hard by this nigger the bones in her throat snapped (true!) and blood squirted out of a burst eyeball vein (true!). Now that's what I call based nigger strangling! Real Olympic Gold Medal-level strangling! And the sad thing is, is that Marike deKlerk was a hard-core nigger-hatin' racist, unlike her Lefty husband. But when you live in Nigger Land nobody's safe.

Here's the nigger who raped, stabbed, and strangled Marike deKlerk getting some "compassionate touching" in prison by some horny white bitch. And you thought America was sick. South Africa is dead and gone. Totally fucked, itz.