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Originally Posted by OTPTT View Post

A 280 pound nigger came up to me and demanded my watch. I said no and walked away. It came up behind me and choked me unconscious. Those who witnessed it thought I was dead. I regained consciousness at some point thereafter and was hurting bad.
Your mistake was walking away. As soon as a demand is made for your property, your immediate response should be a punch to the mouth of the demanding person.
The Negro was "heart checking" you. Some whites would of gave up the watch right away. By you saying "No" and walking away, you basically told him:" I have enough pride to just not give this to you, but you can take it through physical force with little amount of resistance". Its quite common for people, especially whites to go through this in prison.
Blacks tend to view whites in prison as weak, and with money, so they feel it is easy prey.
Just a future note to anyone who has the misfortune of getting caught within the net of the system. Whatever the race of the person, if they make a demand for something of yours, the only thing you should give them is a strong punch to the jaw.
Win, lose or draw (just like with school yard bullies) they will learn that you are willing to fight, and will move on to the softer target.
If Steele had to do his time in Idaho, he would be pretty OK, since (speaking with skinheads that did time in the Idaho system) it is majority White. But Steele I believe is facing Fed time, so, while still better than you average state prison, would probably be worse off than an Idaho state prison.
The "it's the Jews" crowd tend to see Jews everywhere except, in the most important place...The mirror.