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The two-hour hearing included testimony from Fairfax’s 26-year-old son, wife of 31 years and a retired judge and lawyer who called Fairfax “about the hardest working guy I know.”
Fairfax, who has no criminal history, ...
More MSM character rehabilitation of hit-man-loving-husband-and-father-pipe-bomber-give-you-the-shirt-off-his-back Larry Fairfax. Has the MSM printed any thing positive about Steele?

Dale said Fairfax didn’t appear to be a flight risk but questioned the community’s safety if he was free, noting he didn’t tell his wife about the plot and didn’t mention $10,000 in silver coins Steele gave him when he accepted the murder job. Fairfax traveled to Oregon to make sure the pipe bomb was off Cyndi Steele’s car, but he told his wife he was just checking to see if she was seeing another man as he claimed Steele suspected, according to court testimony.
Wow, that is interesting. So here we have a small town and Fairfax tells his wife that Steele thinks his wife is seeing another man and that he is going to Oregon to spy on Steele's wife. Now, what are the chances that his wife is going to blab this to another person and that person to another ...

It would be interesting to know what Fairfax told Steele about how he explained his trip to Oregon to his (Fairfax's) wife. Surely Steele would have shot down any plan that would have included reference to Steele and his wife.

The case began June 9 when Fairfax told FBI Special Agent Mike Sotka he’d been hired by Steele,
How does one go about making contact with an FBI special agent? How does one go about getting the FBI to immediately (that same day!) act on the information? Does the FBI need any evidence to act? Can the FBI record a conversation without court permission? If the FBI needs court permission can the really get it within hours and start recording conversions in the same day?

Fairfax was not facing a criminal investigation until the pipe bomb was discovered. Within hours, he and retired lawyer Jim Michaud, who testified on Monday, were meeting with investigators in Coeur d’Alene, where Fairfax reportedly admitted he’d planted the bomb but said he’d rigged it not to explode and intended to take Edgar Steele’s money and not commit the murder.
A lawyer comes out of retirement to testify and support Fairfax? And this retired lawyer seems to have been involved in the Fairfax situation before the pipe bombs were found?

Miller said his client thought the bomb was off the car after he traveled to Oregon to check the car and that he’d only planted it as a ruse to convince Edgar Steele he was complying with the plan.
Fairfax is a great guy all right. I guess he needed the money to buy shirts to give to people who needed them off his back.

“The fact of the matter is this defendant stopped a murder,” said John Miller, Fairfax’s public defender.
Maybe the $PLC and Obama will give in some awards for stopping murders.

A Spokane County bomb technician called the 12-inch bomb “one of the biggest pipe bombs that he could remember, and they deal with this more frequently than we would like,” Smith said.

Smith said he’s investigated two homicides by pipe bomb “and they were no where near as large as this pipe bomb.”
So how is Fairfax going to explain how he acquired the skills in building large pipe bombs?

Michaud called Fairfax “just not a guy who’s going to leave his family” and said he met Fairfax in the mid-1990s when he needed someone to help with excavation work.

“I have the highest regard for his character,” Michaud said.
More MSM character rehabilitation of hit-man-loving-husband-and-father-pipe-bomber-give-you-the-shirt-off-his-back-con-people-out-of-money-with-fake-murder-attempts Larry Fairfax.

Wow, Fairfax must be one hell of a excavator if his work left a lawyer with the "highest regards for his character".