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Christianity is not practiced according the Bible, most Christians have never read the Bible, and only a tiny handful of quotes from the New Testament are used, to illustrate general points.

Thus what the Bible says or doesn't say, is totally irrelevant when it comes to analysing or attacking Christian beliefs, as none follow the Bible.

There are also at least three totally different forms of Christianity, with completely different beliefs and structures.

Catholics and Orthodox resemble each other in only the most vague and superficial way.

Amongst Protestants there are at least a dozen major different belief sub-systems, none of which are based on the Bible per se, or resemble each other very much at all.
Each only extract certain generic quotes to support their points, and leave out all the rest.

Religion serves to promote and preserve ethics, values, morals, family life and culture, and its structures feed, clothe, house and medicate its congregants, and provide the foundations for the replacement government.

Churches are local business, social and educational centres, to which any member can turn to, to recruit supporters for just about anything.

Almost all non-socialist political parties are formed out of "Christians".
No one will ever gain political power by attacking religion.
Thus those who attack it, have no intention of gaining political power, and are irrelevant in the struggle.

Separate from that, we all know, or should know as the smallest bit of research proves, that the Old Testament stories are actually stories, myths, legends, religions from Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt, Canaan etc, and are not originally Jewish.

These were rewritten by Jews, placing Jews in the centre, and relocating the action from say Sumeria to Israel.
For example Noah and the Flood is based on the far older story in the Epic of Gilgamesh, which Jews simply rewrote, just like they rewrite classic tales for the screen today, such as with a Black Thor, for example.

We also know that the New Testament is based upon myths etc from Rome, largely the Sun God myths.
Paintings of Jesus and the halo or crown of thorns resemble exactly those of statues of Apollo apart from the clothes, Mary and Jesus resemble Isis and Horus etc etc.

Attacking Christian beliefs, is thus attacking the beliefs of our dead White ancestors.

The only way to understand Christian beliefs, is to focus on what people do, not what they say, and to understand that there is no one Christian belief, and that the term "Christian" is essentially meaningless.
It is simply an umbrella term for White religious beliefs in general.

Self-sacrifice, dedication, courage these are the basis of white religious beliefs.

Bible stories that support these concepts were chosen when the Bible was compiled, in order to unite the various White nations and tribes together, by amalgamating their various religions into one which incoporated all their various beliefs.

However, this failed, as none ever follow that one system, not even the Orthodox who compiled it.

Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Methodist, Lutheran, however have very real meaning, as they each follow an internal belief system and structure closely.

Atheists tend to be thick on the ground in socialist countries during peacetime, as the government takes the place of the church.

However, when war and disaster break out, and the government collapses, churches are the only structures capable of keeping people alive.

Atheists then suddenly discover Jesus, and former atheists can be found at the front of the queue praying, and receiving their food, water, blankets and tents donated by Christians most gratefully, as they look outside the fence, and see their former homes smouldering rubble, corpses littering the street, and the whole night outside their area is filled with screams and shots.

Refugee camps are very interesting places.
I'd recommend all atheists go visit one, and then play "Spot the atheist". You won't find any.

Religion survives because of it's money, structures and institutions, it serves to set the standard for behaviour, and former tribal customs, cultures etc have simply now been lumped into "religious traditions".

The main reason religion survives, is because most of those who believe in it and support it, survive.

Atheists die out during wars, along with their arguments.

Atheists would also do well to consider the financial expenditure of churches, funded by donations, currently spent on schools, hospitals, hospices, medicines, feeding schemes etc, and consider how much additional tax and enforced labour they would have to pay and contribute in order for the state to take over those functions.

Socialism is little more than the state taking over those functions formerly fulfilled by churches.

To date nothing, no government, party, ideology or group, has ever outlasted a religious group it attacks, except by forming a rival religion, and converting them away from their former religion.

According to current scientific beliefs, the universe created itself out of fire, which turned into rocks, which turned into living creatures.
And that's supposed to be firstly rational, whilst it is anything but, and secondly an alternative to religion?

WN has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with whatever will ensure the survival of Whites.
If religion does that, then so what.

Pretty much every existing White country, and all that has been built by Whites over the last 2000 years, has been built by professing "Christians", whether they actually believe or not.

There is no atheist society on record that has ever separated from Jews, whilst Christians do so regularly and the secession movements will again result in separation, secession and new countries. They are nothing new.

However, in all societies, Jews have most power amongst and over the atheists.

According to atheists, WN should drop survival of the race as an objective, and instead attack Christianity, thereby isolating the majority of Whites from us, and guaranteeing defeat and extermination.
Christianity has been attacked for 2000 years, to no avail.

That we are honestly expected to stop focusing on survival, until a 2000 year old argument is won by a group of people who believe their ancestors were fire and rocks, is ridiculous.

We should also apparently increase the role and thereby power and wealth of the state, and should remove the one structure that has ever been able to rival the state in power, been able to topple states and empires in need, and which has formed most white countries today, through secesssion, settlement and in need, conquest.

Most atheists are as irrelevant as neo nazis in real life struggle.
They have no organisations, no structures, no money, no power, no capacity to do anything, and are generally ignored.

There is both a creative and a destructive force in the universe.
Whether Christianity or any other religion accurately describes those forces, or deny their existence, does not affect the existence of those forces.

The world is run by religious groups.

Those who cannot understand or accept that, are not living in reality themselves, and will never gain any influence or power to change anything.

They may know that, so to avoid doing anything, profess atheism, so as to use it as an excuse, saying they can't do anything because Christians won't let them, so they will do nothing, but sit and continue a 2000 year old unwinnable argument.

The test will be in times to come, when the invading armies attack, and the state disintegrates, and they and their family are burnt and starving and wounded, and the red cross van pulls up, and asks them to jump aboard to take them to the refugee camp set up by local churches, and the medics jump out to out them onto stretchers and cover them with blankets, and give them medicine and food and water, all donated by religious people.

We will see if they then have the conviction of their beliefs, and turn the van away, and go it alone.

In life, if one wants the publics support, then it is stupid to say and do things that drive people away. One needs to go along to get along in politics.

What people say means nothing.
What they do, means everything.

So far atheists say much, but have to date done nothing.
Religious people have formed countries and governments, and all nationalist parties have a core of religious believers, using the party to further their goal of creating a religious state.

Those WN who want political power, whether we believe in religion or not, would be well advised to leave religion alone, and to focus on doing and saying things that will give us the power to create and enforce legislation, and gain control of taxbases, so that we can secede.
Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.