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Angry Disappointing Interview

A Supreme Court letter writing campaign is silly. The Supreme Court can only act on legal arguments in front of it. In the first place the whining about the prosecutor overhearing Steele's conversations with his lawyer is a red herring. No admissions of his involvment in the supposed crime were ever introduced in court. Steele is filing the request for a Writ of Mandamus to the Supreme Court himself. It is a total waste of his time because it has nothing to do with a motion for a new trial or an appeal.

The trial was a fiasco due to the incompetence of Steele's now disbarred lawyer. Steele had every opportunity to claim that it was not his voice on the recordings. He had every chance to explain his steamy love letters to his Ukrainian girlfriend Tatyana Loginova written from his jail cell.

There are hundreds of audio experts across the country and he had to pick an incompetent who took a vacation to Bora Bora in the middle of trial. This supposed expert offered to let Steele buy out his vacation for $45,000. He never did say that the recordings are faked. This key fob recorder was in Fairfax's pocket during all of the recordings. The background noise from being there and rattling around should be a perfect signature to show that the two recordings are continuous and genuine.

Cyndi whines about Steele being moved to Moscow, Idaho. It is his fault because he filed a stupid grievance and threatened to sue the Bonner County chaplain for not giving him a free book on Taoism. His daughter could have given him the $10 book and not caused any trouble. Now Cyndi has a three hour drive to visit him instead of a 30 minute drive.

Only a few of us want to talk about the elephant in the living room. Steele went crazy after aorta surgery and did essentially everything that he was charged with doing. Arguing about these silly legal matters has nothing to do with the truth of the case. His lawyers milked him for all of his supporter's money. Steele is unable to participate in his own defense because he is too crazy.

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