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I think what Greg and others are more concerned about is real life, since their identities are known in real life, and the consequences to him and those he works with are real.

Imaginary battles conducted over the internet by anonymous critics demanding known people destroy themselves mean little.

Those demanding Greg or anyone else should deny the holocaust publicly, should first publish their own photos, real names and own work and home addresses, just to show they personally are prepared to run the same risks as he, Duke, Black, MacDonald and others do already.

Irving was a multimillionaire, world renowned author, and he by himelf all alone disproved the Holocaust in his libel trial, piece by piece, claim by claim, standing against the worlds foremost Holocaust experts.
That is more than his critics, or most holocaust revisionists, have ever done.

It resulted in his family life being destroyed, his being financially ruined, and his being imprisoned.
Not many will pay the price Irving paid, and he knew full well going in what it would cost him.
Irving is in Europe, and I'm pretty sure he does not want to go back to prison again, which he would do, if he did what anonymous internet critics urge him to do.
Since his critics know if he did what they urge, he would go to jail, its clear they want him to go to jail.
And since only Jews would benefit it he went to jail, its pretty clear his critics are knowingly acting to advance Jewish interests.
I suggest his critics consider how many millions of zogbucks they would be prepared to pay, and how long they would be prepared to go to prison, before calling him coward and traitor.
They talk the talk, safely, anonymously on the internet.
Irving walked the walk, in real life.

MacDonald is much the same. He could have remained silent about the Jews, made a fortune, and lived out his life in peace and comfort. Instead, he put it all on the line, and has not benefitted personally in any way. Same for Black, as if his making a couple hundred profit each month from SF is some monumental crime.

None of these people will ever live in peace, and face their opponents head on, every day, in real life.

If people won't say things themselves in public, then they should not attack others for not doing do.

It also never seems to occur to many that some people may have families in Europe, or travel to Europe, where holocaust denial has real consequences, such as imprisonment.

When people in real life who are active speak and act, they are known, and what they say and the people and groups that they associate with have consequences.

There are secessionist movements in around 28 US states, as well as numerous state sovereignty/state rights organisations.
There are numerous nationalist organisations across Europe. Most of these moved from being openly nationalist groups, into disguising themselves within and as religious denominations, through which they have built up political and economic power.

These all find life difficult enough, without taking on battles to rehabilitate Germany, which is what holocaust revisionism is about.

The holocaust is interesting, and a good example of how Jews lie, but not important.

The holocaust was disproven in a British High court during the Irving/Lipstad libel trial in 2000, where it was shown that there was no evidence whatsoever.
It was also shown in the Zundel trials and in numerous others to be false.
What evidence has been provided has been debunked, in court.
The key Witnesses have been shown to be lying, in court.

So the Holocaust has already been disproven, in court.

So what impact has that had? None. It simply didn't matter.

To see what Jews are like, one can simply look at the USSR, or Israel today. Europeans know what Jews are like. That's why across Europe they have been massacred and deported for all of history, as recently as WW 2.

Europeans have kicked Jews out numerous times, it is not difficult once there are no longer troops protecting them, and today those troops are US troops.

Most families in Europe lost family members killed by Germans or Russians, and are delighted to see Germany suffer.

Rehabilitating Germany is not something they want to do, they want revenge, which is why so many European countries simply do not care. The more Germans suffer, the better as far as they are concerned.

Disproving the holocaust is not in their interest, and 50 million dead, famines, epidemics, and dozens of nations and cities levelled to the ground are not easily forgotten.

Germany had waged several massive wars across Europe, as had France, the preceding century. The Catholics and Protestants have waged wars and devastated each others lands for over 500 years.

Eastern Europe and the Russians hate and blame Western Europe and the US for giving them to the communists. Communism has not gone. Most countries have communist parties still, as well as various parties spouting variations of communism.
Most of the old apparatchiks are still in power, having simply renamed their parties, or are still alive.

Without the colonies, Europe is overpopulated by about half, and cannot feed itself, nor does it have sufficient energy or raw materials for an industrial base.

So the options are that colonies will need to be retaken, which would mean war with the US which took over most of the mines Europeans had owned after WW2 as collateral for US loans to rebuild cities bombed by the US, or payment for "US aid", or the population will be reduced by several hundred million, which will only happen as a result of emigration or war.

The overpopulation of southern Europe has reached critical mass, and as many move to central and northern Europe, they in turn are causing overpopulation, infrastructural and and economic overload and collapse, and the governments are falling like dominoes.

The countries in Europe were cobbled together by the rulers after the Napoleonic wars and wars of German reunification which dominated the 1800's, and most will split apart like Jugoslavia given half a chance.

White Nationalism amongst most Whites is not about unity, its about division into ethno nationalist groupings, each with their own country, which they guard jealously against everyone else, knowing that their neigbours will rob and kill them given half a chance.

Greece has never been united, its always been city states and at its heyday, was over 200 city states.

At present Athens dominates the other city states which have not recovered financially from WW2, but once Athens power collapses, Greece will fall apart.

Golden Dawn itself is a new age party, which whilst its members may be genuine, is denying Greek history.

Greece is a place, not a state, like the US is a place, not a state.

The US consists of many states, and so does Greece, except that unlike in the US, states in Greece have had all power stripped from them, and are forced to bow to Athens, which many Greek states hate, and have warred with, for over 2500 years.

The situation in Greece, Germany etc is as if all US states had all legislative power taken from them, all their state incomes seized, all their borders dissolved, and all their rights stripped from them.

Canada is falling apart, and the US is balkanising, into majority White solvent and majority non White insolvent states.
As population pressures grow, we will see smaller states emerge, and centralised, federal ones collapse, and dissolve.
Most of the borders of countries today have existed less than 200 years, and most today are out of date.

As much as many try to deny it, if one looks at people across the US, its plain as day that the US iself is divided into various European groupings, and many states will divide and unite based upon ethnicity, disguised as religion. Most White states in the US will become much like Utah.

The imaginary holocaust of Jews 70 years ago is irrelevant.

The very real impending holocaust of Whites that is coming if the current US/EU system continues, is of greater concern.

Of all the white countries, Britain is in the best position. It controls around 18 million sq km's, with Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada politically and economically united, and via the Commonwealth where it dominates trade, finance and mining, dominates the mining industry across 20 percent of the world, the same way the US dominates the oil industry.

Unlike the US, most British companies are not based in London, nor quoted on the Stock Exchange, but are separate companies, run and financed by British with dual nationalities, and registered in the countries where they are situated.

Due to US domination of world trade and finance, Britain does not get to benefit much from these mines etc, as the lions share has to be trafficked through/sold via US networks, but should the US falter, these networks would be replaced almost instantly.

France too is on much the same position, where its mining corporations are also restricted, and it too would re-emerge in its old colonies if the US stumbles.

It's in Europes interest to have as much turmoil in the Middle East as possible, so the US gets bankrupted trying to put out the fires, just like the USSR collapsed due to bankruptcy.

If/when the US falls economically, all global and regional bodies, be they trade, military or legislative, ranging from the UN to NATO to the EU to the WTO, IMF and World Bank, all disappear.

WW 1 resulted in the fall of some European empires.
WW2 finished off the rest, and gave birth to the Chinese, Soviet and US empires, of which the Soviet has fallen, soon to be followed by the US and then Chinese.

Ours is likely to be the bridge generation between the time when the world was governed through three global empires, then none, then hypernationalism, then the re-emergence of the old European empires and colonies.

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

All of Europe, and the US, used to be like this.

Most of the NS uniforms, parades etc were adopted from the Austrian and Prussian Empires, which till WW1 ruled Germany between them, Frances parades and rallies and uniforms were even more glorious. NS lasted a dozen years. Other countries had global empires that lasted several hundred years. They don't need NS. They need US troops out of Europe.

This is how all Whites used to live and think. And will do so again.

Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.

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