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Originally Posted by Mike Parker View Post
This is drivel of an especially dogmatic and utopian variety. The Aryan doesn't worship markets any more than we should worship the working class or Jesus Christ. For instance:
I said the market should be constrained racially. That's not worship. I also said it has been demonstrated in very many specific instances that the market works better than government. Again, demonstration is the opposite of worship. Jesus and prayer never solve anything. Government makes everything worse. The market actually works. No faith involved.

I do like some of Ron Paul's ideas, taken in moderation. IMO, apart from truly catastrophic events, the norm should be that when you go to the doctor you pay entirely out of pocket. The doctor would then have to set his fees so as to be reasonably affordable out of pocket to most people in his area. Now the doctor will rightly object that those fees won't permit him to repay 8 years' worth of student loans or afford a million dollar house. But those are other things that need to be rationalized as well.
The government is remarkably like the jew in that the farther you dig into why something is so #@$^#$^#$^ expensive, you find the cause is some stupid rule or regulation. Every single aspect of 'health care' is regulated out the ass, all of these regulations heap cost where there needn't be any. If you let the man (patient) be a man, and choose who can heal him, and get rid of the various accrediting/safety agencies, boom, the high cost disappears too. And in fact the risk is no greater. It is an illusion that governmen agencies make things safer or guarantee performance. From cars to medicine to defense, the government does the opposite of what is good, honorable and cost-effective. What Whites should realize is...we don't need government. It is as obsolete as a nigger in a cotton field.