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Originally Posted by Donnie in Ohio View Post
He did publish a book of poems (The Lords and The New Creatures) while he was still above terra firma. Someone famously said that Jim Morrison woke up a different man every day.

Poetry is usually a self-indulgent affectation. For long stretches, Morrison was high or drunk, or both, pretty much 24/7. That's hard on a guy.

Hey, the guy could have been a big Elton John fan. The horror....The horror...

I take it the Sagehens weren't a solid road team. I'm 3 episodes into Ken Burn's plodding but occasionally insightful Baseball on Netflix at the moment. Learned Abner Doubleday not only didn't invent/codify Baseball, he most likely never even saw a game played.

Did you know that African-American players were discriminated against in the past? Burns will remind you, with solemn-sounding voiceovers over sepia images of 19th century blacks in uniforms, roughly every 120 seconds or so. I half-expected Sarah McLachlan to start singing over the lingering shots.

And this was produced in 1994.
I had a 1st edition hardback copy of the Lords and the New Creatures back in the 70's, complete with mint condition purple dust jacket.
I think there were 1500 hardback and 3000 paperback copies of the first edition.
I couldn't get $50 for it back then.
I left it at my folks house along with some other stuff when I moved out and they eventually chucked it.

Try reading it sometime, it's the senseless ramblings of a wet brained inebriate.