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Originally Posted by N.B. Forrest View Post
Yeah, you don't see phylacteried, shawled, sidelocked kikes being cuckolded by huge-dicked White porn "stars" in SS drag ravishing their cooing, hook-nosed wives, eh? You sure as shit would never see them shlooking up the superior Aryan jizz when the deed is done.

DEATH to the kikes.
There was a website years ago called Nazi Niggers that used exactly this theme, except of course with blacks not Jews. It was absolutely hilarious, and also short-lived. The entire media created a backlash against it and got it shut down. Only goes one way of course:

This is the default theme in blacks on blondes, but the other way around? Oy Vey, it's hate!
"The favorite slogan of the reds is: 'No Pasarán!: Yes we have passed! And we tell them...and we tell them, we will pass again!'"
― Benito Mussolini after the Communist capitulation in Barcelona