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Originally Posted by Joe_Smith View Post
Asian women aren't attractive. I won't say for example Korean or Japanese women are ugly, but I've yet to feel any inclination to sleep with an Asian (especially Chinese and Filipino women, the favorites of beta males ). Men who do sleep with Asian women are mostly hard up for pussy and willing to fuck anything with a hole.

Most men who miscegenate with Asians do so because of the myth that they make good wives, are submissive, and are good mothers, not to mention the fact that a white woman's Steve Buscemi is a Gook broads Brad Pitt, so it's also easier when they want to settle down but white women are busy riding the cock carousel. In a sense, they are right, white women nowadays are mostly a bunch of feminist harpies or career cunts, but that still doesn't justify what they do. Asian women generally don't have one night stands, so one night of weakness doesn't apply, usually men who race-mix do it by rationalizing it with their big head, not sexual instinct.
On some of those points I agree with you. And certainly there's no justification for race-mixing.

As to whether a White man chooses an Asian because he's hard up, well, I've seen millionaire F1 drivers and rock stars with them. But that's worse than if they were hard up, because they see the gook as being just as good as, if not better than White women.

And I've seen plenty of gook sluts who will sleep around a lot. They're usually just not Japs or Koreans. They're at the other end of the scale, bordering frigidity. The brown gooks are the "Me-so-horny" ones.