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Post Brigitte Bardot arrested for being hateful -- Silly leftists.

They dismiss rioting, murdering, and blowing things up as an emotional release caused by an onset of exclusion and bigotry against Islam.

If only we were more inclusive, they say, Muslims would discard their savage behavior to sip tea and munch on crumpets with the rest of us.

However, when another dares to voice frustration over Islamic violence, hate-crime charges are levied and the accused faces the wrath of the law.

So it is with Brigette Bardot, the aging but quick-witted movie icon of mid-twentieth century.

Bardot is facing a $24,000 fine and jail time for expressing herself.

According to news reports, the 79-year-old wrote, I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country.

Her country, by the way, is France.

This is the fifth time Bardot has faced prosecution for expressing her opinion. She once lamented that France was being overwhelmed by foreigners. Her focus was on Muslim. That offense occurred back in 1997. Things have gotten much worse since them.

A year later she was cited for decrying the loss of French identity. Yes, it is a crime in France to say such things. The offense is termed "inciting racial hatred."

Bardot continued her outspoken honesty, costing her two additional convictions.

Her current row with the law will be her fifth.

Fortunately there is a growing sense of awareness among ethnic French who are awakening to the coarse reality that allowing their culture to be dispossessed constitutes neither racism nor hate. Rather, fighting back the Islamic invasion is profoundly logical.

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