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Default #1 When Whites Are a Minority...Thread

[point of this thread is to demonstrate that nothing will change, except in the sense of getting worse. whites will still be guilty, they'll be attacked verbally and physically with extra confidence and judicial/media backing. since we are in the "Whiteness Studies" section, consider this an objective study, through the posting and considerations of Examples, of how whites are treated by non-whites and by the media when/where they are the minority.]

Example: South Africa. Whites are 9% of the SA population of perhaps 55m. When their students are violently attacked by niggers at a university, the media side with the attackers.

Racial clashes at CPUT - Why we had separate universities

By Mike Smith

20th of February 2015

Look at this crap happening at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)

CPUT students in race clash

Race clash: CPUT at standstill

So a bunch of black students (about 300) who wanted free education (because they are poor, but always have money for alcohol) went on a rampage on the Bellville Campus of CPUT yesterday at around 16h00.

As usual, when they chimp out, they prevent anybody else from studying or leaving the campus. The blacks shut the gates and prevented the white and coloured students from going home. When a white girl wanted to drive through the gates the boons stoned her car, rocked it and jumped on it. Two white male engineering students rushed to help her and were hit from behind with bricks and the one had a stone thrown in his face. Nevertheless they managed to bravely fight back and open the gates for the other students. Some of the coloured students helped them to keep the gates open and let the other students escape.

These young men are obviously heroes, but as usual the media turns it all around in those reports as if the whites beat up the poor blacks and “shoved them to the ground”. How dramatic hey? 300 boons against about 10 white boys, but the boons are the victims. Go figure. It just makes your blood boil doesn’t it?

Where was campus security? Where was the police? These young men whose fees are all paid up are now in hospital. Their studies disrupted simply because of a bunch of uncivilized savages with an entitlement chip on their shoulders.

You see shit like this and the liberals still ask you why you are a racist.

God help me, because every time I close my eyes I see that quote of Mencken drift past my brain...