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Originally Posted by Johan View Post
Correct,beside the zionist influence in projects like Orania.I see nothing in "luxury" ghettos for Whites in black territories.

That's the right solution,this can be only won if the play it on the racial card.In that case it must be Dutch,French,German and English united against all the shit.And that i don't see happen on a short term.
I'm too far away to know the specifics of what can and should be done. Just know the general intentions of the races involved, their histories of behavior. Whites will be living in a state of war in South Africa until there is radical change, and there is no sign of that coming, or even that any serious group of whites desires to bring it about. So whites will hunker down and continue to get picked off in twos and threes daily. And if there is a change, it is likelier to be a mass slaughter or land expropriation than anything white-positive.