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Stewart Meadows
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Stewart Meadows

Regarding the Trump Conte meeting, some quick comments:

Trump praised the Italian government's tough stance on rapeugees. This might seem like a good thing, but it doesn't really mean much because Trump, as we all know, changes his views every five minutes, and as the Politico article in my previous post made clear, Donald Chump showed that he doesn't know anything about Conte or Italian politics. He was just blathering.

The most important issue, in my opinion, is what's going to happen with the disgraceful, jew-imposed sanctions against Russia, and as everybody predicted, Trump reiterated that the sanctions will remain in place, and Conte the dunce pretty much went along, even though the two parties that selected him as prime minister (The League and the Five Star Movement) agree that the sanctions should be lifted since they have greatly damaged the already struggling Italian businesses.