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Italy's Salvini channels Mussolini in tweet on late dictator's birthday

Populist Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini made a veiled reference to the late fascist dictator Benito Mussolini on Sunday.

Salvini tweeted "tanti nemici, tanto onore," meaning "so many enemies, so much honor," a variation on Mussolini's famous "molti nemici, molto onore," or "many enemies, much honor." He tweeted the comments on the anniversary of Mussolini's birth.

Salvini's tweet came in response to a magazine article about Salvini's critics, including the Catholic Church and leading left-wing intellectuals, and his coinciding rise in popularity.
He said that Italy's "tradition, our story, our identity," was at stake as the left uses the fertility crisis as an "excuse" to "import migrants".

Last week the leading Roman Catholic weekly Famiglia Cristiana called Salvini the devil in a blistering critique of the interior minister's migration proposals.

The magazine ran a front cover with a Latin headline: "Vade retro, Salvini," a play on Jesus' words: "Get behind me, Satan."

In the interview with the Sunday Times, Salvini expressed admiration for both US President Donald Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin, saying Trump was "brave" in his election campaign and has been "consistent" since entering the White House. He said Putin's economic policies have filled the Russian people with "pride."

This is amazing, when you think about it. The jews and their pathetic lackeys have been attacking Salvini viciously for months – no, for years – by calling him "the minister of the criminal world", by claiming that he loves to see children get killed, by portraying him as Satan, etc., and when he responds to these outrageous insults/attacks by tweeting "so many enemies, so much honor" (which is a very dignified reply), then he once again becomes the bad guy.

Does that make sense, folks? No, of course it doesn't. That's why Salvini's approval ratings increase every time that Italy's slimy jews (Roberto Saviano, Gad Lerner, David Parenzo, etc.) and their pathetic lackeys (Italian leftists and Catholic cucks, who are two sides of the same coin) attack him.