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Stewart Meadows

A lot of "migrant workers" have been killed recently in traffic collisions in Italy:

Ten migrant workers dead after second violent collision in Puglia

Ten people, all migrant workers, have died in a collision between their work van and a truck loaded with tomatoes this afternoon in countryside near Foggia, Puglia.

The victims were returning from working in the fields when their van collided “very violently” with the truck, Repubblica reports.

The workers’ van, which had a Bulgarian license plate and was carrying all non-EU passengers, collided head-on with a truck full of tomatoes on a road at the junction for Ripalta, in the countryside of Lesina.

The fatal crash comes just two days after a very similar incident in the same area on Saturday, in which four African agricultural laborers died and another five are in a critical condition in hospital.

Actually, it's 12 dead, not 10, and according to major Italian media outlets, they were all Africans, just like the four victims in the previous accident.

Needless to say, the jews and their leftist lackeys are using these two accidents in their anti-Italian, pro-rapeugee propaganda. They're accusing Italians of exploiting poor and desperate third-world day laborers by paying them low wages and having them work in harsh conditions.

The jews and their leftist lackeys must be overjoyed that 16 Africans have been killed because this is just what they needed for their anti-Italian, pro-rapeugee propaganda now that the ridiculous and fake "racist egg attack" has backfired on them (which I wrote about in one of my previous posts in this thread).