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Default Murdering Cop gets pension

I can't find the Blue Nigger file, but I have to put this out. Phillip Brailsford, the Arizona policeman who killed Daniel Shaver, was found not guilty by the department, but left.
Now, that department insists he be rehired temporarily, so he can file for disability and draw a pension of 30,000 a year.

This cop gunned down Shaver. The man was showing a pellet gun to friends (perfectly legal), and Brailsford and others stormed his hotel room, threatened him with death, and made Shaver go on his knees and crawl, then kept shouting at him to stop, go, stop...the man was almost crying, begging not to be killed, and finally, Brailsford gunned Shaver down with his M-16.

I saw it on video and I was furious, moreso that he got off, the police saying he suffered PTSD...then what was he doing on a police force? And now they want to 'help him out' so he can draw a pension.
Sorry, I'm just angry about this, especially when I saw Shaver pleading for his life.