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Originally Posted by ngrh8r View Post
Awesome thread, Hibernian. I fucking hate cheap beer, and the people who drink it piss me off to no end.

Lately I've been quite fond of Belgian ales and other similar strong ale.
I'm drinking a glass of Chimay right now. It's hopped just enough to offset the maltiness, and the high alcohol content ensures a clean aftertaste, with just a hint of sweetness.

There are several beers made in Quebec that compare favorably to Trappist ales. My personal favorites are Don de Dieu and Trois Pistoles.
You know, I have never brewed or even had a Belgian Ale. I've seen Chimay reviewed as top notch many times, but have never tried it. I will do so postehaste. I saw Chimay offered for the first time locally (in 4 bottle packs) just last month, so I guess availability was an issue in my latecoming to the Monk's offerings. Thanks for the review.
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