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Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Osred

7 NOV 07
Hail Osred! Many thanks for your letter of 15 OCT 07 & informative enclosures. In my statement about choosing between one’s rice & one’s race, I did not intend to seem patronising, merely predictive. Their control of money & all things dependent thereon gives our alien enemies power over those who govern & those who work in such a cash economy, including schools & religious institutions. Hence, he who pays the piper calls the tune, which is so discordant to our ears, & so pernicious for Our Race. We must take over our means of exchange, whatever regime we decide upon.

As you point out, all our previous efforts have failed, one way or another. This is obvious if we see the dire state we are in, as a race. It appears that Whites can only be conscious of their racial interests when they are reduced to a tiny minority in a sea of non-Whites, which is usually too late for our defense, as I saw in White-ruled Africa. This process is ongoing in other outposts of the global bankster empire, including North America & Australia, after we helped to destroy pro-White Europeans.

My friend, Dr. Oliver, mentioned that most Goyim will do anything for (please correct for inflation) a $100 bill, & the sound of two $100 bills rubbing together is deemed to be “the voice of God.” In brief, most Whites will eagerly sell out their race for rice or its equivalent, without question, exactly as they have done for centuries. It appears that similar forces caused Whites to become Christians: Force, fraud & bribery. What a disaster we have been to ourselves!

This is why I envisage the creation of something which has never existed: A White Racial Nation; since our enemies have successfully exploited our tribal divisions against us, just as they have profited from our religious divisions. Such a nation would be the practical expression of White Unity. But our credo of Unity must pertain to MEN, not SHEEP, as you know. “Sheephood” & “White Guilt” are our innermost enemies who must be defeated, just as you seek to do, for it would seem futile to expect slaves to be self-governing, otherwise. Slavery begins in the mind.

I have no illusions of my freedom under ZOG. I enjoy such freedom of expression as I have in the knowledge that I am surrounded by diversity, so my words are drowned in a Babel of Bedlam-Babble. The U.S.A. doesn’t care much about suppressing freedom of inquiry, thought & expression, because no one cares much about what is said about anything in particular. I could just as well read my thesis in a crowd of cattle, but if I were to cause unrest in the herd, their owner would quickly intervene to silence me, on behalf of his meat &
milk production.

Goyim must understand that “The one ring to rule them all & in the darkness bind them” is CREDIT alias DEBT. When a country permits debt-based money, then that country’s people are enslaved. I recall a professor who described various aspects of control of decision-makers: “The King can declare war, but Parliament can prevent the war by refusal to fund it.” Of course, he did not mention that The Bank of England controls the funds which Parliament can have in the first place, thanks be to Cromwell.

Thanks for clarifying your position on the racial issue & in regard to historical matters, such as our internecine wars of extermination. You may have encountered in Rhodesia many Whites who thought Germans were the real threat to their very existence, even in the 1970s: So brainwashed were they that lived in an Allied propaganda-induced time-warp. The Blacks did not figure in their scheme of things, for to them, the only war which mattered ended in 1945. I’d mention to these Col. Blimps that Hitler vowed to preserve the British Empire, if the Brits had let him, but FDR promised to destroy it & all other European “Reichs,” as he described European empires. So, Hitler lost & FDR won & The British Empire is no more. On good days I was dubbed a “Canadian,” but on bad days, I was “a bloody Yank.” The Blimp-types sometimes chided me on the USA’s lateness in getting into the 1939-45 war, & I’d remind them that one third of American Whites were of German origin & another high percentage were of Irish & Italian descent. I would say that the Brits were lucky that U.S. bombers were not flown by all-Irish crews. Otherwise their loads would have been dropped far short of Berlin! I did not mind their kidding, since I was lucky to have found a place in which I could earn a living after my expulsion from the USA by ZOG in 1969. I was indeed surprised to learn at firsthand that I had always lived in a Zionist-bankster hypocrisy, rather than a constitutional democracy. I therefore have no regrets & no hostages, human or material.

All the best! ORION!


P.S.: More to follow under separate cover, ZOG willing.


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