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Some thoughts regarding the strategy of appealing to the blood memory of the folk to supplant their Semitic spirituality:

Realize this is going to be different for each person, depending on their background and sensibilities. I like the idea of employing Aryan archetypes, mythologies, figureheads, etc... to "attune [folks] to the Aryan ethos", "let them know who they are."

If you have gained the trust of someone they are more likely to be receptive to your attempts at awakening their racial soul; but ultimately each person is going to have to make that conscious choice to embrace their Aryanness on their own (you can lead a horse to water...).

Don't worry about targeting "elites" since new leaders will emerge who are unrelated to the current crop of elites. What matters is winning the battle for the hearts and minds of the "broad masses" (realize it was slaves who converted the Roman empire to Christianity).

"Luciferian" Aryanism? Don't bring Lucifer into this, for reasons you mentioned; you're making it sound like a cult if you bring up Lucifer or crazy shit. Aryanism is a breaking out of the cults of Semitism and materialistic humanism, it's anti-cult.

As far as conservatism, realize that political affiliations are of secondary importance to an Aryan. An Aryan's heritage, ancestors, and people are what is sacred to him, just like the Bible is what is sacred to a devout Christian; these things are outside of the political sphere, they are non-negotiable. Telling an Aryan to renounce his heritage is like telling a Christian to renounce Jesus.
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