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Originally Posted by 88RockNRoll View Post
Hello sir,

I have a PDF version that I got from before it was shoaed after the kikes in Charlottesville ruined the internet.

I used to be a radio broadcaster and I have good microphone delivery and cadence. I'm going to try one microphone I have and if it sounds ok I'll start. If not, I'll get a better USB mic.

I have always wanted to dictate book with a racialist message so I appreciate your request. I'll post it when I get going and will have a version on Jewtube on the MAXX LULZ account.

We'll have some RAC/Skrewdriver covers up on there too soon. Right now there's just a demo we made before we got the PA. Expect more audiobooks besides Hear The Cradle Song.
Are you going to record this novel? It would be good to get out.