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Todd Fletch

I've been saying this for a while now lately. It's a one-party system! It always has been. I laugh when people get emotional about politics. Because are wannabe intellectualsl/ SO-CALLED "MORALISTS" are TOO STUPID to actually follow the money. Ironically they're much bigger fools than those they mistakenly assumed to be "misinformed "or "uneducated " (ERR..UNINDOCTRINATED). Who DARE to disagree with their precious narrative appointed by the controllers of the world, who are obviously getting the duper's delight out of the all.

Great posts, dude. You're NAILING IT! We need more people to keep speaking out in any way shape or form. I'm tired of being silent! (Yet I keep many of these opinions to myself unless they know what we know because they just won't get it and I'm not going to lose my job or apartment or whatever because of it... maybe I need to do a little less of that. NEVER MIND, I ALREADY DO THAT, giving the RED PILL in blue pill wording on these issues though anyhow and always will.