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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

A powerful slogan or word or neologism is like a verbal political party: get enough people behind it, it becomes a real force in the world. Because people think used words must refer to something real and important. Look how the jews have fared with their 'racism.' The jews try to force their fake reality on us; we must respond with better terms to force our real reality back on them. That's what politics is, short of fighting in the streets. But our smartest guys don't engage in it because 1) they think it's infra dig, and 2) they simply don't understand politics.

Our old smart guys are stodgies, and won't use anything that true radicals come up. Only new phrases and words from, say, Steve Sailer, or Vdare can be used. But not ever from someone who's actually a WN.

Maybe you and MacDonald need to face the fact that you're functional conservatives, no matter what's on your lips.

When enough people get behind a term outside the controlled lexicon they can, eventually, force it into public awareness. No one seems to understand this. To make ourselves a real force begins with a new way of seeing the world - not the way we're supposed to as dictated by the System. That must manifest in new terms and new arguments frames. But our side shows little interest in this. The top brains, even if they know that radicalism is right, refuse to use radical terminology, and stick with the jew-safe approved terms like racism, anti-semitism and Holocaust. Even though that does nothing but strengthen the enemy in his position.

You all are doing your level best to mix with the very conservatives you should be trying your hardest to distance yourselves from and fight. Is the need to raise money that bad, Greg? What is it?

Do you truly not see what this anti-White proditor Jared Taylor is doing?