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Angry USAA Insurance Mystery

Originally Posted by 8Man View Post
Edgar started his law practice in California. The term "Error and Omissions" is indeed used in the context of insuring a legal practice (at least in California). Why do you insist in attempting to attribute 'mental problems' to his writings where none exists?

Unrelated, but recent info from Cyndi mentions

Seems strange that an insurance company would consider her house and car a better risk if she were divorced.
While I had never heard of that term and had to look it up, I see that I was wrong. My experience is primarily in Arizona legal malpractice.

Cyndi was either being misquoted or lied as follows:


Now she informs us that Fairfax, who admitted taking the family’s silver stash worth over $100,000 prior to staging the “murder for hire” charade, is about to be released from prison. Her insurance company recently said it believes Fairfax is an ongoing threat to her. In order to continue to insure her home and vehicles, the United States Automobile Association (USAA) demanded that she divorce her husband of 27 years. Since she has refused to do so, last month, USAA canceled both her homeowners and car insurance policies.
Cyndi has lied more than once in her newsletters in which she claimed that the government confiscated their silver for long periods of time. It was returned three days after it was seized as soon as it was inventoried. A tiny sample was kept for evidence out of the 6,000 ounces or so total.

Fairfax admitted to receiving about 600 ounces of silver rounds from Steele in two installments. Silver was about $18 per ounce in June of 2010. The checks from the coin shop totaling about $10,000 were shown in court. Steele himself sold about $45,000 worth at the same time and checks from coin shops were shown in court. An audit of exactly how much silver there was before and after this mess has never made or published.

It is another sign of Steele's insanity that he was selling off silver at $18 per ounce. By Cyndi's own admission, most of the $45,000 was still in her checking account several months later. I think that Medicare Part B was paying for all of Steele's surgery since he was retired. No explanation was ever given for what should have been a desperate need for them to raise money. Their ranch was paid for free and clear. Silver is now nearly $35 per ounce instead of the $18 that it was then.

You do bring up an interesting point about USAA that I had forgotten about. They insure military officers and Steele may have started with them when he was a Coast Guard officer. This matter needs further investigation. They must be afraid of liability from threats that I can't guess. Cyndi is liable for repaying Steele's social security payments during the time of his incarceration. This would be from June of 2010 thru November of 2011 when he was sentenced. This would amount to about $17,000. Perhaps that is significant. We need more information here.