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Angry Steele Bar Complaint About Prosecuting Attorney

I finally got Steele's bar complaint against the prosecutor Traci Whelan. It went straight to the Idaho Supreme Court since she sits on the bar disciplinary committee. Steele may not have known this when he filed the complaint. This was a complaint form and Steele filled in the blanks. I have omitted all irrelevant choices that were left blank.

The original is posted at the link below but it is rather hard to read and I retyped it. This provides an interesting window into Steele's remaining mental function. This complaint was summarily dismissed by the Idaho Supreme Court for reasons that are not entirely clear. ISB stands for Idaho State Bar. ISP stands for Idaho State Patrol. SCSD stands for Spokane County Sheriff's Department.



Intake Number:11-C191-R

District & A#4416

Office of Bar Counsel
525 West Jefferson P.o. Box 895 Boise, Idaho 83701
208-334-4500 FAX 208-334-2764

Your Name: Edgar J. Steele
Mailing Address:1569 Talache Rd; Sagle, ID 83860
Attorney's Name:Traci Whelen (sic) (ISB#4416)
Mailing Address:US Attorney's Office, 6450 N Mineral Dr." Coeur d' Alene, ID 83815

Ms Whelan (together with Wendy Olson & Mr. Hawes) prosecuted a case against me in Federal Court (Judge Winmill) that resulted in my conviction on four false felony charges in May 2011 (4/11/10) arrest date). I will prove my innocence at retrial.

Ms Whelan is guilty of many ethical violations in connection with her handling of the case:

1.Assisted & directed the FBI in seizure and holding illegally & unethically my family's life savings in the form of silver bullion from our home in Sagle.

2.Illegally & unethically withheld my life savings by refusing to return my family's silver until just prior to trial, forcing me to resort to a public defender (Roger Peven Spokane, Wash.) who now is in the process of being dismissed for gross negligence and incompetence in dispatching his duties for clients throughout the very period of my incarceration and (mis)representation.

3.Illegally & unethically withheld exculpatory evidence in the form of Larry Fairfax' book about my case, written long before my trial & learned about only during Fairfax's cross-examination at my trial.

4.Illegally & unethically invaded my attorney-client privilege by listening in to my telephone calls speaking to lawyers about the very case she was prosecuting against me. This is a ongoing violation that continues even today during my pre-sentencing & pre-appeal & incarceration at Bonner County Jail.

5.Failed & refused to prosecute Attorney James Michaud for his participation in placing a pipe bomb on my wife's car & failure to report that bomb for a week or two to authorities, endangering countless people.

6.Prosecuted me with false recordings proven by my forensic audiologist to have been fabricated

7.Presented false evidence & testimony at trial that a non-functional pipe bomb could have exploded, yet overlooking extensive evidence by Larry Fairfax at his sentencing that the device never could have exploded.

8.Presented false testimony by Federal agents concerning me and suppressed exculpatory evidence (FBI Agent Stoka:"Steele Defecated himself,"of -initial booking- report of 06/11/10. ISP Officer Striker:"Steele tried to cry but couldn't", of -tape recording- of 06/11/10 arrest.

9.Lied to my wife, Cyndi Steele (208-790-2701) about a great many things, e.g.:

-I had confessed.

-Feds had had her under surveillance and had many pictures of her with her (fictitious) lover.

-I had a foreign girlfriend for whom I was leaving her

-I wanted her dead in order to collect on her (nonexistent) life insurance.

-I had told her to lie for me (not true).

-It was impossible for it not to be my voice on two fradulent recordings for which the government conveniently had destroyed the originals.

-and much, much more (Ask Cyndi)

I hereby supplement my 5/21/11 (is a file # 11-C191-R) grievance filed against attorney Traci Whelan (ISB#4416) as follows:

1.Re: Grievance subpoint #4 (invasion of my attorney-client privilege)-

a.Listened, taped & transcribed my attorney client-privileged calls in Spokane County Jail (Jun 2010-Feb 2011) despite written jail policy forbidding such without a court order. (none ever issued)-(see copy of jail policy, attached hereto as Exhibit A).

b.Listened, taped & transcribed my attorney-client privileged calls in Bonner County jail (Mar-May 2011), allegedly allowing privacy only to calls I made to my "Attorney of Record" and no others. (See my Cites, Grievances & BOCO-Jail's answers, attached hereto as Exhibit B.

c.Calls that the grieved attorney (supra) illegally & unethically intercepted were (among others?) made to two lawyers, each of whom was to become my Attorney of Record for the phony Federal case pending against me. (Robert McAllister & Wesley Hoyt)

d.Denied me calls to all attorneys, including my court-assigned Public Defender, Roger Peven, during my first month at Spokane County Jail (June 2010) when I consigned to cell block 6 East ("The Hole").

e.Opened my mail to attorneys, (though plainly marked "legal mail" and sealed under the eye of a SCSD Deputy) copied it and then had the audacity to produce it back to me as government discovery, Bates stamps and all (contact my current attorney, Wesley Hoyt, for copies).

f."Coincidentally," the attorney interview booth on cellblock 4 West was disabled just before Attorney Robert McAllister visited, forcing us to use regular visitor booth for his visits over the next two months. Regular boooths are wired to tape conversations therein. Many things told in confidence to my then new Attorney McAllister only during those booth visits were to show up in prosecution witness examination questions at trial. What's more, Attorney Traci Whelan had the audacity to tell my Public Defender, Roger Peven, about listening in on my converstations with Mr. McAllister! (Contact Mr Hoyt for affidavits.)

2 Re: Grievance sub-pont #5 (failure to charge and prosecute attorney Michaud for his complicity with Larry Fairfax, the real criminal in my case)

a.Failed and refused to prosecute Fairfax' cousin Larry Maher, as a co-consapatar (sic) with Fairfax (or for anything) in Fairfax' attempt to kill my wife.

3.Failed & refused to charge & prosecute Larry Fairfax, the real criminal in the false case brought against me, with any of the crimes lodged against me, for which I now face a sentence of 30-70 years (I am age 66, for what that is worth. Fairfax was given a pass and given only 30 month's sentence in exchange for testifying (lying) against me.

4.Re: Grievance sub-point #8 (presented false testimony)-also knowingly coached FBI Agent Sotka to lie at my trial, claiming his second-generation recordings were originals, when, in truth, Sotka had destroyed both the originals and first generation copies. Allegedly with nobody ever having heard either of them.

Edgar J. Steele

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