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Angry Strange Bar Complaint

Originally Posted by Craig Cobb View Post
Pauly, what some of the younger readers of this board may not implicitly understand as the older fellows do is that legal decisions, rulings etc. reflect the cultural mores, memes, whims, and preferences of the in-power society, no matter how nominally 'fairly' they are couched in the specious platitudes of the interpretations. Someday there will be an intentional White enclave nation--at the very least--on this planet. In many respects it will mirror some aspects of NS Germany. Eugenics will be codified in law. The day may not be seen by some of us. The young guys here certainly will see it. So all the pusharounds they do to Edgar Steele with their not-even-high-sounding smarmy legal rationales mean nothing except another putrid stink of a dying system.
Along the lines of what you stated, it is not clear why there was NO discussion of Steele's complaint by the court. It seems to me that he gave many examples of misconduct by the prosecutor that at least required some investigation. One point never followed up on was why Fairfax's lawyer Michaud was not investigated. The latter is a retired Idaho judge. He knew about this mess for some time before he contacted the FBI. It also seems strange that Traci Whelan never replied to the complaint.

At this point, Steele's lawyer had been disbarred and his wife was having to drive 120 miles to visit him. He was left to fend for himself on the legal front. Steele lied about these two points:

1.Assisted & directed the FBI in seizure and holding illegally & unethically my family's life savings in the form of silver bullion from our home in Sagle.

2.Illegally & unethically withheld my life savings by refusing to return my family's silver until just prior to trial, forcing me to resort to a public defender (Roger Peven Spokane, Wash.) who now is in the process of being dismissed for gross negligence and incompetence in dispatching his duties for clients throughout the very period of my incarceration and (mis)representation.
As I have posted above, the vast majority of the silver was returned on 16 June, 2010. This was five days after his arrest. The small remaining portion was returned the following February at least three months before trial. Steele made no attempt to hire McAllister until his supporters had given $120,000 to his website.

All of Steele's complaints are essentially bogus. Any monitoring of his phone calls was never used by the prosecutor to advantage in court and seems to be the normal treatment of any inmate. Steele's phone conversations from jail were subject to intense monitoring after the conversation with his son and wife which resulted in the intimidation of witness charge.

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