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Angry Matt Hale Comparisons

Originally Posted by Craig Cobb View Post
I believe I recall your writing, at least as a contrast to Steele, disparaging, 'let-me-break-it-down-for-you' remarks about Matt Hale and his conviction too, right? Whether you did or didn't, I recall the Long Island jew who raped and decapitated his school teacher neighbor, drove around with her head in the back of his car for two or three days, and got 5 or 10 years less than Matt Hale got. You work extremely hard at de-legitimizing White separateness and its leaders don't you?
If arrogance was a crime, Matt Hale should have been hung for it. As best as I can tell, he was framed. Hale had passed the Illinois Bar exam and had been refused admission for bogus character reasons. He was a fool to trust his lawyer and not testify in his own behalf. He has admitted as much in a letter posted here on the forum.

Steele was not framed. He went crazy after aorta surgery and did essentially what the government claimed that he did. His wife and lawyers have perpetrated the biggest fraud in history on the White Nationalist community. Steele has an excuse, he is crazy. They have no excuse. They make Harold Covington look like a saint.

White Nationalism now has five convicted pipe bombers in Federal prison, two of them being self confessed.