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Smile Steele Has New Appeal Lawyer

Dennis P. Riordan from San Francisco is Steele's new appeal lawyer. Steele mentioned him in a rather pitiful letter that he sent to Judge Winmill which has been posted above. Perhaps Steele used to work for him in California. The motion for Summary Reversal may be found at http://www.stopnetspend.com/steele/appeal/reversal.pdf .

In it Riordan correctly points out the Steele's claim of Ineffective Assistance of Counsel (IAC) should have been considered by the court. It refused to do so in determining whether to grant a new trial. Judge Winmill claimed that IAC could only be addressed in appeal. I am studying the motion at this time.

A new trial will not solve the problem however. The only hope is that Steele's new lawyer will see that he went insane after aorta surgery. A new approach is needed to get him out of prison and the medical help that he needs. Steele has gotten his family to believe his lies accusing the government of framing him. It is going to be hard for him to admit these lies and come clean. He is going to have to give up his Ukrainian honey Tatyana Loginova.

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