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Angry Peven Also Represented MLK Pipe Bomber

Peven represented both Steele and Harpham. They are two of the five convicted pipe bombers which were associated with White Nationalism and are currently serving time in Federal prison. Fairfax and Harpham are self confessed pipe bombers.

Peven seems to have been fired as Federal Public defender see http://www.spokesman.com/stories/201...ders-job-opens .

He is in business for himself at http://www.rogerpevenlaw.com/

Federal Public Defender Roger Peven was appointed to defend Harpham and said he only met his client for about an hour before the hearing.“I know very little at this point,” he said. “This is just the beginning of a long road.”Imbrogno said the government’s evidence will be presented to a grand jury on March 22. If they indict Harpham, an arraignment will be held on the next day and a trial date will be set.

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