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Angry New Propaganda Video


This new propaganda video was done on 29 March by Wesley Hoyt, who took over from the now disbarred and indicted lawyer McAllister. He claims that Fairfax stole $45,000 worth of silver. This claim is bogus because the government produced the checks which Fairfax received for selling about $10,000 worth. The defense never showed where Fairfax would have sold the other $35,000 worth.

He also relates that Steele called his wife in Oregon to discuss whether Eddy Bear had been moved in his bedroom. Eddy Bear was the teddy bear which was to be sent to his Ukrainian honey Tatyana Loginova. Steele mentioned this teddy bear in his jailhouse converstion with his son Rex and seemed worried about Cyndi finding out about it. There is a Negro in the woodpile here .

Steele supposedly confronted Fairfax over being in their bedroom without authorization. The motive supposedly was his search for silver to steal. Fairfax was allowed back on the property to make the two recordings of the supposed hit on 9 and 10 June of 2010.

Steele never has explained how Fairfax got access to Cyndi's truck long enough to jack it up and install a pipe bomb and fuse. He has admitted during sentencing that he wrote the steamy love letters to Tatyana from his jail cell but never did come up with an explanation. That will be the one of the century.

This is a transcription from a supposed email from Steele in prison. Steele removed my name from his list of approved correspondents before I could correspond with him. This may be his first access to a computer in nearly two years.
Prison email

I get so discouraged at times-most of the time, anymore, actually. I can't see Cyndi and they do their best to prevent any communications between us. I am denied lawyers and my legal files, effectively denying my right to appeal (consistent with denying my right to a fair trial, of course). I don't fit in here one bit, partially a result of being thrown in with the hardest of the hard-core criminal elite and partially because I won't change to conform to the rules of prison life."
Here is some more lies on the finances. Steele's website has previously admitted that $120,000 was donated by his supporters. Now they claim the figure is $71,000. There needs to be a complete audit of where every penny has gone. This is a monstrous fraud which has been perpetrated on the White Nationalist community. Now they want more money to spend on a doomed attempt to get another trial. The result will be the same unless an insanity plea is used.

Defense costs for Edgar have now exceeded $400,000. $71,000 has been donated with the rest being paid by the Steele Family.

Circulate this video to continue the fight for justice in America. Please donate what you can at www.Free-Edgar-Steele.com

The life you save may be your own!
Here is a photo of Steele in his Coast Guard days from the video. It claims that he was a decorated Commander. I doubt it, that is the equivalent to an Army Lt Colonel or O-5. This post from Steele on a Coast Guard page makes me think that he was a Lieutenant Junior Grade or O-2. That is consistent with a four year service for an officer. Beards were allowed before the 1980's when Steele was commander of a South Pacific Loran Station.

LTJG Edgar J. Steele
"How did we ever get into this mess?"

Here is a photo of the judge in his younger days. He looks White to me.

Judge Lynn Winmill

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