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Angry Swindle of the 21st Century

David Duke sent out begging letters a few years back to his supporters that he was about to lose his house and he had to have money. In fact, he had sold it for a handsome profit. In the meantime, he had pissed away over $100,000 of his supporters money on riverboat crap tables (dice game). At least he had the reputation among the dealers as a good tipper. Fortunately a little time in Federal prison put a halt to this particular hemorrhage of White Nationist money.

Duke has done a large amount of good work in the White Nationalist community. He introduced me to hate with his National Association for the Advancement of White People when I was in Phoenix 20 years ago. I have given him money before and may well do so again. I think that it is great that he has been able to live in an Austrian ski resort for the last several years. I loved the photo of Derek Black on the ski slope in Austria. Not bad for an 18 year old without a job. Duke and Don Black know how to squeeze those shekels out of Stormfront. Never mind that many White Nationalists go hungry or survive on EBT cards (food stamps).

When it comes to swindling, Duke can take some lessons from Cyndi Steele. She collects $120,000 by her own admission from impoverished White Nationalists which she SUPPOSEDLY squandered on a now disbarred lawyer McAllister. He has since been arrested and indicted for mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and interstate transport of stolen money. He faces more time in Federal Prison than the 50 years that Steele is currently serving. Cyndi could have found out about his previous bar probation for dishonesty in five minutes time on line just like I did.

Cyndi has repeatedly lied about the government confiscating her silver when in fact about 85% of the 8,000 ounces was returned 10 days after Steele's arrest. The last 15% or so was returned three months before trial. Steele and she have both claimed that they could not hire private attorney's because of that. Steele in fact sold off about 3,000 ounces or $54,000 worth for unexplained reasons in April or so of 2010 when it was only $18 per ounce. This was just before he was arrested and is in itself a sign of insanity.

Now Cyndi has changed her story. She claims legal bills have come to $400,000 and that only $71,000 has been contributed by supporters. It is impossible that she could have spent $400,000 on this laughing stock of a defense. She has her begging bowl out again. I recommend that no White Nationalist give her a penny. She needs to stop building new law schools for lawyers. It is time for her to stop being a kept woman and get a job.

I think that she knows her husband went crazy and is faking those tears. She was a professional ballerina before Steele met her and knows how to put on a show for the audience. Her husband was becoming unmanageable after his aorta surgery. When he tried to have her blown up with a pipe bomb, she saw that he was crazy and decided to have him put away.

She saw the opportunity to portray him as a martyr and rake in a lot of loot from his supporters. Her plan hit a snag when she found out that his social security check of $1,000 per month or so stopped after he was convicted. I didn't know that would happen myself. Now she has a new team of lawyers on the dole. It is time for a COMPLETE audit of every penny spent by the Steele camp and not just the donations.

At least David Duke has never been accused of trying to blow his ex-wife up with a pipe bomb. Now there are FIVE convicted pipe-bombers in Federal prison who have been associated with White Nationalism. Of the five, Steele has an excuse, he is crazy as a shit house rat. Fairfax is a self professed pipe-bomber. Kevin W. Harpham is another self professed pipe bomber who left the bomb at the MLK parade in Spokane. He had about 1,000 posts here on VNN Forum.

The last two convicted pipe bombers are Daniel and Dennis Mahon. They appear to me to be trailer park trash. They built a pipe bomb that seriously injured a Negro in 2004 in a Phoenix suburb. Prosecutors attempted to link them with Terrible Tommie Metzger's so called White Aryan resistance. That is apparently why the ATF searched Tommie's Indiana house a few years back. Tommie has not replied to my email about whether or not these were his Lone Wolves.

It is impossible that Cyndi does not know that her husband is crazy. It is impossible that her two children do not know that. The lawyers on both sides of this case including the judge have to know it as well. Cyndi has done more damage to White Nationalism than all of the good that her husband ever did for it. It is time for her to come clean and take her medicine. Cyndi belongs in Federal prison herself for perjury, wire fraud, mail fraud and what ever else the Feds can think up. Her husband should be released to get the medical treatment that he needs. With proper therapy, he will understand that it is not wise to try to have his wife blown up with a pipe bomb.

The moral of this story is a hard lesson. It is also an embarrassing secret in heart surgeons' locker rooms. Anyone contemplating heart surgery should plan on coming off the operating table with 15 IQ points less than what they went on with. They should also plan on the possibility that they will become just as crazy as Steele did. I much prefer to die from a heart attack rather than live as a vegetable or a looney after heart surgery. Exercise and diet prevent much of this problem. Steele's problem was merely bad luck from genetics. If only it had taken 60 seconds longer to get him to the helicopter, he would have gone out as a hero and none of this would have happened. The taxpayer would have saved millions of dollars.

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