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Steele also took issue with Assistant U.S. Attorney Traci Whelan telling the court he had liposuction after his heart surgery. Whelan said undergoing the procedure shows Steele wasn't bed-ridden and incapable after the surgery. Steele said the procedure wasn't “frivolous” and was done because he was self conscious about his breast size.
Also his gastric by-pass to lose weight, all point to a man getting himself ready for those future intimate nights with 25 year old Tatyana Loginova. Only one problem, his wife is in the way.

Why wouldn't Steele just divorce Cyndi and be done with her, instead of trying to knock her off? Well in a divorce settlement Steele would of had to give Cyndi half his assets in any settlement. Lawyers fees etc, he would probably of had to sell his ranch in Idaho. So with Steele's huge ego, he thought he could knock Cyndi off, get away with it, and live happily-ever-after with his sweet 25 year old Tatyana, well at least until she got her Green Card anyway.