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Angry Gastric Bypass

Originally Posted by VikingWarrior View Post
Also his gastric by-pass to lose weight, all point to a man getting himself ready for those future intimate nights with 25 year old Tatyana Loginova. Only one problem, his wife is in the way.

Why wouldn't Steele just divorce Cyndi and be done with her, instead of trying to knock her off? Well in a divorce settlement Steele would of had to give Cyndi half his assets in any settlement. Lawyers fees etc, he would probably of had to sell his ranch in Idaho. So with Steele's huge ego, he thought he could knock Cyndi off, get away with it, and live happily-ever-after with his sweet 25 year old Tatyana, well at least until she got her Green Card anyway.
Every time that I have this mess all figured out, someone like you throws in another complication that doesn't make sense. His gastric bypass surgery occurred in 2008, at least 11 months before his aorta rupture in November of 2009. He was presumably sane then but vain and lacking in self discipline.

This surgery is normally done on 400 pound lazy fat women. It seems to me that a Coast Guard officer should have had enough discipline to stop eating like a pig and lose that 100 pounds of extra weight. All photos that I can find of him show normal weight.

I don't think that there is any evidence of Steele knowing Tatyana that early in the game. She would have had two years to learn English and she knew none at the time of her trial.

You are of course correct that Cyndi would have taken Steele to the cleaners on a divorce. Why didn't he head overseas with that 12,000 ounces of silver, now worth $400,000? Let her have that ranch. I say that this is merely one more proof that he is crazy.

When he got liposuction, this is another proof that he is crazy. His wife had been looking at his new titties since he had prostate treatment in 1998. If he in fact was paying for it, this seems to be a bad waste of money at age 65. It must have cost at least $10,000. Why would he take the risk if he nearly died on the table a couple of month's before?

This is a video taken in 21 May of 2009 when he spoke at Jekyll Island, Georgia. See http://vimeo.com/5318242 . This was six months before his aorta ruptured. It shows him a little barrel chested but he could never have won a Miss America contest. Those titties are not worth $10,000 to mow down. I can't see anything wrong with the way that he walked on stage or his presentation. It is the perfectly rational Steele that we grew used to over the years.

In this screen grab from the video, he has a trace of a double chin but is certainly not morbidly obese. This was taken at least five months after he had gastric bypass surgery and he could barely have lost 100 pounds in that time frame.

I think that Medicare paid for liposuction as a result of side effects from his earlier prostate treatment. What he actually said in court was that the liposuction has already been paid for prior to his aorta rupture. I think that his aorta surgery was fully paid by medicare as well. He should have been eligible for Medicare Part B when he retired early at 62.



Steele had gastric bypass surgery in 2008. This is drastic surgery to allow a morbidly obese person to lose weight. According to the Pre Sentence Report, he lost 100 pounds of weight. The hernia spoken of by the judge may have been the common complication of gastric bypass surgery.

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