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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Interesting on the docs that prove up the methodology being to use carbon monoxide as it is 'more humane'. Something those who give us the 'mean evil Nazi' narrative would not like to shine a light on, conjecture that doesn't fit the characters they've created.

In contrast with nothing to prove up Zyklon B in any killing operations of any kind, and the difficulty in dealing with it in a 'mass killing' situation.

Conjecture interesting, Hitler specifically stating the docs would grant ''mercy death'' after a ''most careful'' assessment of their condition.

Sounds very sane--more sane than putting a drooling person with IQ of infant and in pain to boot in a 'home' where you drain the Govt (taxes from working people) of resources to pay niggers (who don't care) to "care" for them. Those are the supposedly much nicer-than-Hitler people who do this instead.
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