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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
American christ tard culture is distinctly different from that of other Europeans. It's seen as humane in many other countries to just put someone out of their misery as painless as possible. Americans have this inherent masochism that people should suffer for as long as possible, regardless of the expense, just to give life meaning. Because gawd and jebus is supposed to decide when your time is up. Ending the life of someone suffering is heretical, because you don't know jebus isn't gonna show up and *poof*, miracle.

I saw my dad's dad die slowly in a hospital bed over the period of almost 2 months. They couldn't do anything for him except give him meds to prolong the suffering for as long as possible. After a week, he was begging them to just let him die, and they wouldn't. Pardon me for thinking it's deranged as fuck to make someone die slowly in a hospital bed that there is no hope of recovery for. The humane thing to do would be to give that person a shot, and end their pain. Maybe we'll evolve past christian barbarity, one day, in the USA.

Euthanizing people who're deemed to be completely useless, like people who're legitimately retarded, cerebral palsy, autists who're gawds gift to the average christ-tarded fambly, etc, is humane.
Excellent post, I had a similar experience and it's something that I can't wrap my mind around--how Xtians can make the same observations, yet flip the narrative, Jew style. No honor, itz-most of them know they're creating more suffering/chaos, yet don't have the will to tell the truth about it and suffer themselves, via the consequences of ruining the Jesus narrative.
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