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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
This thread shows the typical naivete of racialists.

When you're giving government employees power to kill people... the rest is pretty words.

Rest assured, under any system that power will be abused.

I used to cover 'health care' when I lived in DC. You people don't realize how power-hungry and amoral the people who want to centralize and collective even something as dumb as health care are.

No need to kill tards, just don't subsidize them. Let their family take care of them. Let the catholic cult for weak losers look after them. Don't force the healthy to pay for them.
Not about killing tards, tho.

It's about allowing people 'options' more humane and decent than the ones not 'allowed'.

Same principle as putting down a dying horse, vs. watching it thrash around for hours.
More about that for me than tards--fam can take care of their tards as they wish, at their private tard corral.
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