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Originally Posted by Contumacyman
My prediction is that the government will NOT allow Ed (nor anyone else) to ever subject this original tape to scrutinizing authentication.
You can safely say that Steele does not have confidence in the prospect of an expert debunking the recording in the courtroom.

He also did not have confidence in his wife's ability to spot it as a fraud; therefore he instructed her on how to respond to it.

Steele was telling his wife to refrain from authenticating the recording so that he wouldn't have to deal the questions of authenticity and content in court.

Steele's apprehension doesn't have to be because he expects a corrupt process. It could just as well happen because he expects a fair process, if the recording is genuine.

Originally Posted by Contumacyman
The proof will come of course if the government allows ED to subject their original "tape" to his own team of audio experts.
I hope for that! But it remains to be seen whether Steele will expect a court to accept the Mission Impossible argument that he tried on his wife.

What is the precedent for such a frameup as Steele alleges? Who has ever invoked the Mission Impossible defense before a legitimate civilian court? (Again I say: O.J. Simpson is not an acceptable response.)

The Matt Hale case is no precedent, because as far as I know Hale never challenged the recording's authenticity. (The problem in the Hale case as I understand was one of interpretation.)

Is Steele really important enough to draw the attention of an "Impossible Missions Force"?

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