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Alex Linder

Posted by Hunter Wallace's victim on July 28, 2010, 06:20 AM | #

I was a member of Hunter Wallace’s ‘Lyceum’ forum, and Hunter Wallace hacked into my email account, got my credit card number, and paypal account password, got my resume that was an attachment in the email account that he hacked, and changed the password on me so that I couldn’t access my account.

He got someone named kane123123, who now calls himself Metal Gear, to modify the script of the Lyceum forum so that everyone’s account passwords were delivered to him. It was a phishing website set up for the sole purpose of hacking into people’s email accounts.

Please don’t associate with this guy. He’s no good. He can’t be trusted.

Hundreds of people know about his hacking activities. It’s well documented.

Stay away from this guy.