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Craig Cobb
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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Sorry if that post of mine sounded a little contradictory there, Craig, I just meant it to get as much info in as few words as necessary. I'd actually head there right now except I've not got a vehicle of any sort except a mountain bike for now, and I'd imagine that wouldn't help much in the winter there. If I can get something together to get even a cheap $400-ish car soon I'll head up there for a month or 3 to try it out. Otherwise, if anyone needs a roommate... Lol.

One other quick question I suppose I could just google but I'll ask here anyway is do the oil jobs go through the winter? I'd always thought they were more seasonal.

It does sound like a great opportunity though. I hate that I can't cash in (yet). Anyway, good luck to you, Craig.
Yes, the oil jobs go through the winter, though work is slowed. If you come here and earn even $800 a week, there are 7 to 11 weeks before winter hits--$5,600 to $8,800. You can then buy mobile shelter from out of state where the depression is. Four wheel drive Dodge or Ford pickups with a camper are the best, I think.