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Originally Posted by Jimmy Marr View Post
Is the pump down at the bottom of the well?
Yes, but that can't be all the problems that were described here. I don't think so. But you should be able to bring the pump and line up from the bottom of the well without too much trouble. They will generally lift out. You just pull the line up. The pump, water line and electric line will all come up together. Pull on the water line, not the electric line. And some systems have a thin cable that is attached and you use that to haul it all up. But don't pull it up by the power cord.

You may have to do some digging to get to the opening of the well top, but it should not be that much.

The water line is flexible and tough. Unless it is drastically ruptured, and it should not be, I don't think a small rupture or even several small ones would do much but cause the pump to have to run longer filling up the bladder. The bladder fills up and acts like a strong and tight balloon that keeps the water pressurized. It is the bladder that actually serves as your water supply. The pump works and brings water out of the well to the bladder that holds several or ten or so gallons of water. The "balloon" fills up and the pump cuts off. This "balloon" stays pressurized until you open a valve and get water. Once enough water goes out and the "balloon" shrinks in size, the pump kicks back on and refills it. But the "balloon" is squeezing the stored water and keeping it under pressure always, and if no valve is on anywhere the "balloon" stays full and tight, holding its water supply.

If the problem was the pump and/or the line from the pump and there was no problem at all with the bladder, the "balloon" simply would not fill and you would have no water at all or only a little water but it would still be pressurized. The water lines beyond the bladder would either be empty or still under pressure until the bladder filled back up. As long as there is water, there is pressure if the bladder is good.