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Originally Posted by Jimmy Marr View Post
>>>As a matter of fact my faucet on the bathtub is screwed up right now and doing it. And it is one of those expense ones.<<<

A lot of those newer/better ones are "pressure balanced". They're designed so if you're taking a shower and somebody opens a tap in another part of the house the pressure differential will be noticed and offset automatically by the shower/bath control and the water temperature will remain constant.

They can be tricky bastards. I fought my first one tooth and nail while trying to sweat it in. I thought since I had the mixer tap open it would release the hot air from the sweat and let the solder seal the joint. Nope.
Yeah, it's a Price Physter or whatever the name is. They are usually pretty good. I took it apart and messed with it about two hours one night trying to fix it. There are only two parts in it and I thought maybe something was positioned wrong so I tried rotating it to every position possible but the damn thing worked the very same--either all the way hot or all the way cold, no matter what I did. I figure either something is missing or the plastics were molded wrong. There simply is nothing you can do that fixes the problem. It's like it was made that way. It doesn't matter if any other valve is open or not.

My sister had it put in and it was in the winter so I think they just didn't notice it only put out hot water. After I moved there it turned to summer and that was the first I really noticed it. But by that time the damn warranty was up on it and I just don't care enough to shell out the money now to replace it or get new guts. One day I will get around to it but it really doesn't bother me much the way it is. Everybody else bitches, of course. But I haven't heard anybody volunteer to want to buy the new one, lol. SO I figure they can live with it too for the time being. I wouldn't stop anyone from buying the new one or putting it in, lol.