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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
I find it hilarious that Bev is quoting medical studies when she clearly did not understand the circulation of the blood. I had to explain it to her. She is pissed because I did not get that bridge installed on her Florida swamp land.
Don't worry Donald. I know how much work you've put into this thread and how devastating it must be to see it all come to nothing now that two independent and controlled research trials have proved that there is no such thing.

If it makes you feel better to keep twisting and distorting my words, feel free.

Conclusion In low-risk patients undergoing CABG surgery, avoiding the use of cardiopulmonary bypass had no effect on 5-year cognitive or cardiac outcomes.
Here is the resume of one of the researchers.


Impressive qualifications - I trust his word (and that of the other studies) over a cameraman and someone who admits himself that he invented the diagnosis within days of Steele's arrest.

Perhaps it's time for you to think up another strategy? Maybe the LSD smear could be resurrected - that at least had a centimetre or so of merit and, after this long, it would be impossible to test Steele for. As we and any new trial judge can see he is entirely sane and lucid, the effects of any hypothetical drug taking can be claimed to have worn off by now.

Perhaps your cabal could have a chat about it and let us know?
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