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Smile Steele Went Crazy Believer #6

For newbies and those like Bev who have not read the thread, here is Believer#6. Not all White Nationalists want Steele out of prison like I do but they are entitled to their belief. At the time that Hawthorne made this post, it was not known that Steele's wife was the worst race traitor in the history of White Nationalism. Hawthorne may now be ready for Steele to be released. He will have to speak for himself.



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James Hawthorne
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I have kept out of this thread and been an observer. However as Viking Warrior noted, this is as plain as a mole on a jews nose what has gone on here.

Edgar Steele, egomaniac of the first order, suffered a mental breakdown after his surgery, to such a degree he wanted to "off" his wife AND Mother-in Law to be with his young Ukrainian Honey Tatayana. I can live with that. He was still probably pissed with Cyndi over her wanting a divorce and planning on taking everything he had. Steele it seems was a ticking time bomb just ready to go off.

To be fair to Donald, he wants to try to get Steele out, I'd say let the creep rot in prison until he dies.

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